Kudos and Commendations for Andrew Buck

“Mr. Andrew Buck served as the Program Coordinator for the National Art Education Association’s (NAEA) 2003 National Convention. Serving in this capacity he planned an outstanding convention that met the needs and expectations of over 2,700 attendees.  NAEA is a 40,000 member organization dedicated to improving student learning in and through visual art.….We rely on volunteers to meet our goals and accomplish our objectives. We were fortunate to be able to call upon Mr. Buck to contribute to visual arts education by chairing the NAEA National Convention Program Committee. He completed this task in a very efficient and professional manner. Because of his dedication, expertise, and commitment, this was one of the best conventions to date. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the National Art Education Association, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Buck’s national level contribution to visual art education.”   Excerpt from a letter to Dr. Susan Erber, Superintendent

– Mr. Mac Arthur Goodwin, Past President, National Art Education Association (NAEA)


“Thank you for serving as the Co-Director of the very successful “Symposium on Leadership” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that the University Council for Art Education presented. It would never have come to pass without your hard work and dedication. Your untiring enthusiasm, exceptional organizational ability, creative thinking and most of all, your vision during the planning stages gave the Symposium the edge……UCAE appreciates that you chose to take the time to participate in the much-needed exploration of multiple leadership issues in art education. In addition, your presence and meaningful dialogue as a panel facilitator contributed to the important outcomes of the Symposium.”

– Dr. Natalie Schifano, Past President, University Council for Art Education (UCAE)


“I am writing to express my appreciation for your coordination of the hugely successful UCAE Symposium in Leadership for Student Learning in the Visual Arts sponsored by the University Council for Art Education which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The success of this event was evidenced by the huge turnout of various individuals from different schools and agencies who made an important impact on the day’s activities.  There was a spirit of cooperation and collegiality that was demonstrated by all which illustrated how much progress has been made in art education…. Thank you for the fine way you represented UCAE and District 75.”

– Dr. Susan Erber, Superintendent, District 75 Citywide Programs


“Thank you for all you’ve contributed to make the April 7th Principal’s Meeting, “The State of the Arts – Supporting the Standards” a success. It was evident to all that this was the result of excellent teamwork. Your cover design for our document is spectacular; it conveys our message about arts education and invites principals to use it as a resource.”

– Ms. Barbara Gurr, Director of Art Education for High Schools


“I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of your efforts in coordinating the Very Special Arts Festival for District 75. As various people spoke during the ceremonies, the high regard that business people, arts organizations, and community-based organizations have for your contribution to VSAF were clearly underscored. The halls and walls of Teachers College were covered with student work representing a variety of mediums. The auditoriums were booked with student performances as well as arts organizations presentations. The streets hosted bands and clowns who were there to greet and entertain the busloads of students and staff as they signed in were sent to various arenas. Even the sculpture garden was pressed into service as activities were scheduled in that beautiful space as well.

I took a moment to watch the bus arrivals and this was a highly-coordinated event. The first thing that one noticed was that the streets were closed to traffic and there was no street/meter parking within blocks! Lots of people were in the streets assisting the unloading of students and then moving busses out of the way. The established procedure worked effectively…. Nothing was left to chance. Even with so many school children milling around, there was a sense of order. It was fun and my day was certainly enriched by viewing so much extraordinary student work.”

– Ms. Charlotte Bloomberg, Deputy Superintendent, District 75 Citywide Programs


“On behalf of the Center for Arts Education, thank you for serving as a peer advisory panelist for the Partnership grant program. Your expertise is invaluable to the Center and an essential part of our Grant review process. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing, rating, and commenting on each of the proposals. Your participation is an important contribution to the Center’s goal of supporting excellent school partnerships where the arts are part of the core curriculum”

– Hollis Headrick, Executive Director, The Center for Arts Education, NYC


“On behalf of the New York State Council on the Arts, I want to thank you for your dedicated panel service. The Council relies on the experience, knowledge, and judgment of art professionals in carrying out its responsibilities. The funding recommendations of the panel are most important to the Council’s review process. Your contribution was invaluable to the cultural community of New York State.”

– Heather A. Hitchens, Executive Director, New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)


“Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Panelist for the Arts in Education (AIE) Regrant Program funded by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) a state agency. In Brooklyn, the program is administered by The Rotunda gallery/Brooklyn Information & Culture (BRIC) and the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). The program supports AIE partnerships between schools and cultural organizations that collaboratively plan, teach and implement programs that integrate the study of art and non-arts subjects in Brookyn… Thank you very much for providing this invaluable service to Arts in Education in Brooklyn.”

– Agnes Murray, Art Services Director, Brooklyn Arts Council


“Thank you or your participation in the Systems Dynamic Mapping Group. The Office of the Arts and Special Projects, in partnership with the Center for Arts Education and the Department of Cultural Affairs appreciates the enormous amount to time and energy that you devoted to the thinking around how best to enable New York City public schools to increase art learning for the youth of our City, as part of a generous planning grant from The Wallace Foundation. Your insights helped us to understand better the conditions that both enable the arts to flourish and that prevent city youths from experiencing arts learning. Thank you for all of your hard work and astute comments.”

– John Shibley, Director of Organizational Learning, EmcArts


“Although I had ask permission to use your letter, it occurs to me that I never sent you the fundraising packet so that you could see how it was done. .. I wanted you to know that several of the supporters enclosed a note with their checks with comments on your letter. The one I remember at the moment is  ‘a very moving letter.’ Hopefully, it will be moving enough to make this fundraising effort a success… Thank you.”

– Natsu Ifill, The Printmaking Workshop, NYC

Fiscal Awards

FY11: $174,000   RESO-A Capital Funding

“Congratulations! During these fiscally difficult times I am pleased to be able to provide support for library improvements through the borough president’s capital budget funds. I am confident that if we work together, we can build a better Brooklyn for our children, our families, and those enjoying their golden years.”  – Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President.

Office of the Brooklyn Borough President –  Funding Award Notice Letter for a Library Multi-Media Computer Learning Center @ MSAP.

FY11: $10,000  New York State Office of Children and Family Services – Award # 0-3307 Legislative Grant Award  for enriching students’ arts and cultural learning @ MSAP.


CFDA 84.351C Creative Music Educators District 75 NYCDOE $900,0000+      

CSA News – Andrew Buck Co-authors Award Winning USDOE Grant for D75

Initiated a decade long cycle of iterative funding which expanded to include professional development for teachers across all arts disciplines (art, music, dance and theater) in District 75 NYCDOE including the innovative use of adaptive technology for student learning in the arts.




Art Educator of the Year – United Federation of Teachers /New York City Art Teachers Association Professional Committee

Certificate of Appreciation-Golden Apple Awards – NYC Department of Sanitation