In my last cycle of inquiry in the ceramic studio, I worked along two veins. One line of inquiry dealt with investigation of altered forms and applying metallic patinas on raku that transformed clay into ancient or timeless looking vessels. I was fascinated by the alchemy that was going on. The surface with peeling layers and rust-like colors echoed weathered metal and rust. It was interesting to make contemporary forms that could be from another time.

Another line of investigation pertained to glazing and color. I worked on finding an approach to glazing and surface treatment in cone 10 high fire oxidation-reduction that captured the elusive and fugitive effervescence of raku. I experimented with airbrush technique layering ox blood red and brilliant turquoises which met with partial success. I learned, in addition to glaze application, that kiln placement, the firing process, and plain luck still have a lot to do with the end results!


Clay is about community in so many ways. I thank East Coast and West Coast potters along the way: Richard, Paul, Bob, Craig, Frank, Mica, and Andrew for their encouragement and support. My life has been tremendously enriched by encounters and interactions, however brief they may have been, with M.C. Richards and Toshiko Takaezu. Go deep my friends, go deep.

~ Andrew Buck